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Sizzler La Mirada Review – 15252 Rosecrans Ave.

1.5 / 5 stars      

Sizzler La Mirada

15252 Rosecrans Ave
La Mirada,CA90638


Sizzler La Mirada Exterior

Sizzler La Mirada Exterior

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Cost: $12.99

Meal: 6oz Steak and all you can eat salad bar

Review Details

The Good

  • Service: The server I had was on top of things. He cleared plates fast, refilled water and made sure we were comfortable
  • Music: They were playing 50s and 60s pop. I caught myself tapping my fork to a few of the tunes. It helps distract from the overall planned and square layout of the restaurant

    Sizzler La Mirada Dining Room

    Sizzler La Mirada Dining Room

  • Taco – carnitas, guacamole and beans: quite tasty. Guacamole wasn’t runny. Meat was warm and tacos were crisp.
  • Potato salad: Agreeable. Didn’t have too much mayonnaise and potatoes tasted pretty good (then again I like the potato salad they sell at the 99cents Only store)
  • Jello: Good. The minute I find a Sizzler that has bad Jello  I’m calling the health department (it’s almost impossible to fuck up Jello)
  • Ambrosia:Just OK. I’ve had better ambrosia at other Sizzler restaurants, but not all Sizzlers have ambrosia, so it’s an automatic point if they do have it.
  • Apple Cobbler: Pretty darn good. Most Sizzler restaurants I’ve been to have very dry cobbler that has been sitting out too long and you can barely get out of the pan. This location has good cobbler. And I like me some cobbler. I guess you could call me a cobbler gobbler.
  • FREE Banquet Facilities Available: They had a big sign pimpin’ their banquet room that you can use for FREE for parties over 100 (that’s total number of people, not their ages). And it was quite big. I’m curious if anyone has actually used a Sizzler banquet room before. Lucky you if you have experienced one.

    Sizzler La Mirada Banquet Room

    Sizzler La Mirada Banquet Room


The Bad

  • Band aid on front of building: I really can’t blame the management for this one as I doubt they were the ones who put it there, but there was a band aid stuck to one of the columns out front of this Sizzler
  • 6oz Steak: I’m starting to discover that every location cooks their steak differently. I was not pleased with the way the La Mirada Sizzler prepared mine. I will admit it was cooked to order, it just lacked taste. So far, although having a very depressing decor, the Fullerton Sizzler had the best steak to date.
  • Baked Potato: It was just a potato. So I guess it wasn’t bad, but then again, it wasn’t good. It just didn’t give me a pleasurable experience. And I’m just a spud boy looking for that real tomato.
  • Cheese Toast: Unfortunately I feel I’ll have to put the Sizzler cheese toast in the Bad section moving forward. It’s just not the same as it was when I was a child. Sad to say, today’s cheese toast is probably still part of the original order of cheese toast this restaurant made back when I was a child.

    Sizzler La Mirada Band AId

    Sizzler La Mirada – Band aid on wall

  • Self-made Spinach Salad w/ olives, blue cheese and bacon: There was just something about the salad that wasn’t appealing. Although the bacon seemed to be actual chopped up bacon (instead of bacon bits), my tongue was displeased.
  • Macaroni Salad: It was kind of bland. The 99cents Only store has better macaroni salad (yes, I buy that too).
  • Chicken Con Carne Soup: No taste. I would have even accepted if it was a bit salty, but it wasn’t even that. If you’re going to destroy people’s bowels by serving them ground beef soup, at least make it taste good please.
  • Fruit: No Bueno. I’ve discovered that the fruit at the various Sizzler salad bars can vary greatly. This one was not up to snuff.

    Sizzler La Mirada Meal

    Sizzler La Mirada Meal

  • Potato Wedges: Should have been buried. It looked like (and tasted like) they died hours ago. Even drowning them in nacho cheese didn’t help much.
  • Softserve: Once again, this was a Sizzler that ONLY served vanilla. I thought all Sizzler restaurants offered both vanilla and chocolate softserve (which you could then swirl into yourbowl or ice cream cone. This was a whites only dessert bar. They also had very limited toppings. I’d personally like to see Sizzler restaurants kick up the toppings a notch. I know they don’t want to waste food by putting too many toppings out for the patrons of Sizzler, but how about some Butterfinger bits or something.

    Sizzler La Mirada Bathroom

    Sizzler La Mirada Bathroom


The Bathroom

  • 2 urinals
  • 1 stall
  • The location of the bathrooms was a bit away from the dining area, down a long hallway…which is ideal! Keep that shit away from the salad bar splash guard!



Overall Thoughts of La Mirada Sizzler (in haiku form)

Service with a smile
My stomach did not agree
My tongue fell asleep

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