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Fullerton Sizzler Review – 1401 North Harbor Blvd. Fullerton CA


Sizzler Fullerton Exterior

Sizzler Fullerton Exterior

3 / 5 stars      

1401 N Harbor Blvd
(714) 738-5018

Month Reviewed: Wednesday in June, 2013

Time Visited: 8pm

Entrée Selected: 6oz steak (medium rare) with baked potato and all-you-can-eat salad bar

Price (without tax): $12.99


  • If you’re on prozac, go to a different Sizzler
  • If you’re on prozac but still get dragged to this Sizzler, just stare at the all-in-one ceiling fan/light/planter things. They will put a smile on your face
  • The 60z steak is the way to go for your entrée
  • If you want to fire half you staff, the least you can do is book the Sizzler conference room and give them a final meal
  • If you crowd the dessert buffet, they’ll kill you

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Sizzler Fullerton Salad Bar

Sizzler Fullerton Salad Bar


First Impression: This Sizzler seemed a bit depressing. Although the outside was nice and surrounded by trees and shrubbery, the interior seemed very dated. It did not have the vaulted ceilings that other Sizzler restaurants tend to have. It also seemed quite small. If you want to feel like you’re dining in style, you won’t get that feeling here.

 – NOTE: This location does have a separate conference room where businesses can have their next company meeting/holiday party/mass firing.

– DOUBLE NOTE: They had some awesome all-in-one ceiling fan/light/planter things hanging all over the place. They were gaudy as hell, but bad ass!

Staff: The staff was nice, but quite mellow.

Clientele: There we no children at this location. In fact, there weren’t many people at all at this location. Of course I went around 8pm on a Wednesday, but I’ve been to other Sizzlers at the same time where there was significantly more people. The demographic of the other patrons seemed to be white and over the age of 35.

Wait Time: No wait time. In fact, they had to wait while my guest decided what to order. The typical 5 minutes to sit and 10 minutes to get my meal. Sizzler always seems to be very quick with getting your entrée to your table.




Sizzler Fullerton Light Fixtures

Sizzler Fullerton Light Fixtures


  • 6oz STEAK (the entrée): Very good! It was kind of peppery, which isn’t the norm with Sizzler steaks. It gave the steak some pep! (apologies for the lame pun).
  • BAKED POTATO (came with entrée): Also good! As always I had all the fixins’ with it. In fact, my entire entrée was so good, I forgot to take a picture of it! A+ for the entrée.
  • Pre-made Greek Salad: Quite good! I’m not a fan of the pre-made salads Sizzler offers at their salad bar, but this one was good. It’s also the first time I’ve come across a greek salad at Sizzler. It had all the right ingredients and it wasn’t soggy. καλός!
  • AMBROSIA: This Sizzler had ambrosia. Me gusta mucho!!!

    Vintage Sizzler Serving Tray

    Vintage Sizzler Serving Tray

  • Jello: Good (hard to mess up Jello).
  • Vegetable Soup: not bad. I’m not about to say it tasted home made or was the best soup I’ve ever had, but it was pretty tasty (as far as obviously canned soup goes).
  • Cookies and Cream Mousse: Also not bad, but I’ve had better cookies n creeam mousse at other Sizzler restaurants.
  • Softserve: Pretty good. Nice consistency. Didn’t melt instantly (which I’ve had happen to me before).
  • Spaghetti: I must say, it’s as good as the stuff I make at home. That’s not saying much, but it could have been a lot worse. If you like Olive Gardent (which if you’re reading this review I bet you do), you’ll enjoy the pasta.
  • Broccoli Crunch Salad: I haven’t seen this at any other Sizzler locations but it wasn’t half bad. Worth a try.
  • Overall Salad Bar Presentation: They had what you could call “garnish” around all of the items in the salad bar. It did make it appear enticing. Other Sizzlers don’t dress it up much. I give them an A+ for churchin’ up the stuff.
  • Vintage Serving Tray: They had old skool Sizzler serving trays with the old skool logo. I dig that old logo, so they get points for kickin’ it old skool!


Fullerton Sizzler Taco and Corn on the Cob

Fullerton Sizzler Taco and Corn on the Cob

  • Taco Shells/Tacos: The taco shells were the worst I’ve ever had. They seemed baked instead of friend and unusually thick. I had some carne asada, cheese and guacamole in it, but even those items couldn’t save it. Tacos no bueno!
  • Pre-made Cesar Salad: So far, every pre-made cesar salad I’ve had at Sizzler has been pretty bad. This one had super soggy croutons (soggier than a wet dog in a rain storm).
  • Salad Dressing Options: There were less options than at other Sizzler restaurants. I normally get some sort of creamy vinaigrette. This location did not have it.
  • Fried Zucchini:they were cold. If they weren’t, they would actually be in the GOOD section because they weren’t that bad, but cold fried zucchini is an automatic F.
  • Cheese Toast: The cheese toast just didn’t have it. I’m finding that the Sizzler cheese toast I grew up with is just not the same.
  • Corn on the Cob: Disgusting. Mushy. One bite and I was done.

    Sizzler Fullerton Dessert Bar Message

    Sizzler Fullerton Dessert Bar

  • NO GUMMY BEARS: another Automatic F.
  • Small, Disposable Cups (for the dessert bar): Instead of the typical washable bowl, they had small, disposable black cups. The person I went with told me that darker colors tend to lessenthe appetite. So this may be a ploy to reduce uneaten softserve and also reduce the hours of the dishwasher.
  • One Person at a Time at the Dessert Bar: They had a cryptic sign on the dessert bar that read “ONE PERSON PER BUFFET COURT PLEASE. Come Back As Many Times As You Like.” I have no idea what this means, but it sounds like a rule. I don’t like rules…especially at a Sizzler buffet.
Sizzler Fullerton Bathroom

Sizzler Fullerton Bathroom


  • Semi-clean, but just as depressing as the rest of the restaurant
  • 2 urinals
  • 2 stalls
  • Fully stocked: (plenty of tp, soap and ass gaskets)



Aside from the depressing ambiance, the food was decent. 3/5 stars.
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