Sizzler Haikus

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Cheese Toast

Sizzler Cheese toast time
I eat it very quickly
I want more toast please

Mixed Messages of the Heart

Oh Sizzler my love
You make my heart a flutter
Or is it heart burn?

All You Can Eat

All you can eat time
Someone drive me to Sizzler
I want my soft serve

6oz Steak

My mouth wants a steak
6 ounces is all I need
Get in my mouth now

Love at First Sight

Is it really true?
Steak and all-you-can-eat shrimp?
Sizzler, I love you

Hairy Man Child

by Anonymous

Sizzler makes crap food
Eaten by hairy man child
He likes peach pie and coffee


by Anonymous

Your ranch is the best
Please name it after J Dawg
I love you so much

Delusions of (Cheese Toast) Grandeur

Oh mighty Sizzler
Your cheese bread is the greatest
Will you marry me?