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Sizzler Santa Clara (Sizzler Test Kitchen!) – Review – 2855 Augustine Dr.


2.5 / 5 stars      

Cost: $10.99 (Lunch price)
Meal: 6oz Steak and salad bar (not all-you-can-eat for lunch)
Overall Impression: This is their test kitchen??????

Address: see below

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The Good

  • Ambiance: New and clean. Had TVs and modern lighting. Didn’t feel like I was trapped in the 90s.
  • Service: Very polite and friendly. I did not realize the lunch special did not allow for all-you-can-eat at the salad bar. But my server was nice enough to give me another plate for an additional trip. This is what I can excellent service.
  • Pre-made Southwest Salad (chipotle dressing, corn black beans lettuce ): Not bad. I felt like I was in New Mexico.
  • Self made spinach salad (red onions, mushrooms, vinaigrette) – pretty good. I know how to make a spinach salad!
  • Taco(ground beef guacamole cheese) – good, but no carnitas! Porque???
  • Fruit – good. I ate it.
  • Potato – good. I ate it too.
  • Jello – good. Tasted like Jello
  • Ambrosia – good. I like me some ambrosia.
  • Chocolate pudding – good.  tasted like chocolate
  • Softserve – good w/ nuts and caramel. gimme dem nuts!

The Bad

  • Didn’t feel like a test kitchen: There was a big sign in this Sizzler (which I didn’t notice until I was leaving) that stated this is Sizzler’s test kitchen location. You could have fooled me. It seemed like every other Sizzler. How about some crazy salad bar items for Pete’s sake!!!!
  • Cheese toast – bad, all butter. RIP Sizzler cheese toast
  • Spaghetti and meatballs – spaghetti decent / meatballs yuck. Get those balls away from me.
  • Steak: Bland and too rare (I asked for medium).
  • Mandarin oranges – taste weird. Not sure exactly like what, just not mandarin oranges.

The Bathroom

  • Clean
  • In Men’s room: 1 urinals, 1 stall




Sizzler Test Kitchen
I saw no tests going on
All tests must have failed






Sizzler Santa Clara
2855 Augustine Dr.
Santa Clara‎,California95054


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