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Sizzler Review – 9480 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley‎ CA


2.5 / 5 stars      

Sizzler restaurant
9480 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley,California‎92708
1 (714) 962-4882

Month Reviewed: June, 2013

Time Visited: 8pm

Entrée Selected: 6oz steak (medium rare) with baked potato and all-you-can-eat salad bar

Price (without tax): $12.99



exterior of Sizzler, Fountain Valley, CA

exterior of Sizzler, Fountain Valley, CA

First Impression: This Sizzler seemed quite clean. I did not feel like I was going to catch a disease from touching the door handle or the silverware. In fact, the silverware and plates were immaculate

No food bits or chipped dishware. It also seemed quite calm. It wasn’t loud with children running all over the place.

Wait Time: There was no wait. My order was taken right away….one person took the order, another took my payment. I had to take my own plate to my seat, which I had to find myself. Luckily this location was not busy at the time so there was no problem finding a table. The server came up to my table shortly after I sat down and asked if I would like any cheese toast. Server was pleasant, not too over the top and genuinely friendly.

Total time it took to walk in, order and sit down: approx. 5 minutes.


Salad Bar Sizzler Fountain Valley

Salad Bar Sizzler Fountain Valley

Salad Bar (pre-entrée): My meal came with the all-you-can-eat salad bar. I decided to select a number of items to compare the various options they had. Here are the items I selected and my thoughts

  • Vegetable beef soup (beef, carrots and celery): soup was bland. no distinct taste that made it stand out from any other canned soup you could get at the 99cents only store
  • Cesar salad (pre-made in large bowl): salad was limp and had too much dressing
  • Iceberg lettuce w/ onions, black olives, green peppers and vinaigrette dressing (custom-made salad based on available salad options): Lettuce was crisp! Onions and peppers tasted fresh and the dressing was good
  • Taco w/ carnitas, veggetarian pinto beans and guacamole: The taco shell was slightly stale. meat could have been warmer and guacamole had a thin/watery consistency. BUT the beans were quite good.

The appearance of the salad bar was OK. The main section of the salad bar looked a bit thin, but this is probably due to the fact that the ice had already been removed from the bar and only the metal frame was showing.


Sizzler 6oz Steak

Sizzler 6oz Steak

Entrée: My entrée was served quickly. In total, it took about 10 minutes from the minute I walked in the door until I received my entrée. I was impressed with how quickly it came. Here are some thoughts on the specific items involved

  • Baked potato: The potato seemed a bit old. Not too bad, but not as fresh as a potato could be. I asked for all the fixins’ which included butter, sour cream and chives. The fixins’ were pretty good.
  • 6 oz steak: Excellent! From the first bite, I enjoyed the steak. It was a decent cut and actually medium rare. It did have a bit of fat on it and was a tad bit salty, but that’s what made the steak tasty.
  • Sizzler Steak Sauce: It tasted like a weak A1 sauce…which they also had.
  • Cheese toast: Disappointing. I’m normally a fan of Sizzler cheese toast, but this tasted like white bread with toasted butter on it. Not very cheesy.

    Sizzler Banana Pudding Dark End

    Sizzler Banana Pudding Dark End


Salad Bar (post-entrée): After my meal, I went back to the salad bar and had some non-salad items. Here’s what I had and some thoughts:

  • Strawberry banana fruit salad: bananas were OK but strawberries were hard
  • Watermelon: OK
  • Cantaloupe: OK
  • Pineapple: OK
  • Jello: OK
  • Chocolate pudding: OK
  • Banana pudding: dark end of banana was left on so it kind of grossed me out. Overall kind of bland
  • Spaghetti and Meat Balls: Spaghetti was OK but the meat ball was barely meet


Plate Clearing/Drink Filling: Although very friendly, the plate clearing was a bit slow. I was with two other people so the table quickly filled up. However, the server was quick with refilling drinks.

Sizzler Dessert Bar Fountain Valley

Sizzler Dessert Bar Fountain Valley


Dessert Bar: No trip to Sizzler is complete without a trip to the dessert bar. Here’s what I had and some thoughts:

  • Soft serve Swirl: Very tasty and good form (not runny)
  • Ice Cream Cone: good
  • Gummy Bears: good
  • Mini Marshmallows: good
  • Crumbled Oreo Cookies: stale
  • Apple Cobbler: It was so hard in the container I couldn’t get it out to try it


Bathrooms: The bathrooms seemed outdated but very clean. The soap dispensers were full, plenty of toilet paper and toilet seat covers.

Sizzler Bathroom Fountain Valley

Sizzler Bathroom Fountain Valley



  • Very clean restaurant
  • Very calm clientele
  • Friendly service
  • Good main entrée
  • Make your own salad better option than the pre-made
  • Fruit is a decent option
  • Stick with the soft serve for dessert and load up on the toppings


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