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Sizzler Buena Park Review – 7902 Orangethorpe Ave, CA

3 / 5 stars      

Sizzler Buena Park Exterior

Sizzler Buena Park Exterior

7902 Orangethorpe Ave
Buena Park,CA90621
(714) 521-8261

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Cost: $12.99

Meal: 6oz Steak and all you can eat salad bar

Review Details

The Good

  • Service: I went with a larger party at an earlier time than usual, so the place was poppin! However, our server was on top of it. She gave us plenty of plates and drink refills.

    Buena Park Sizzler Food

    Buena Park Sizzler Food

  • Mac n Cheese: Damn good! Super creamy and cheese. I had seconds of it!
  • Dino Nuggets: Allegedly they have these at Costco but they were tasty and fun. I made the La Brea Tar Pits out of mac n cheese and dino nuggets (NOTE: I know dinosaurs were not around the time of the La Brea Tar Pits, but let me have my fun!).
  • Chicken Soup: Pretty good. Not bland, not overly salty. Tasty!
  • Fruit: Very tasty…especially the strawberries. Now of course I buy my strawberries at the 99cents Only store so my comparison isn’t top shelf, but I enjoyed the pineapple, strawberries and cantaloupe.
  • Cheese Toast: Not too bad. Best cheese toast I’ve had so far. BUT still not what it used to be. I’ve come to the conclusion it never will be.
  • Pre-made Greek Salad: It was pretty good. Not limp, fresh ingredients, not a sad salad. NOTE: I imagine the time you go to Sizzler will determine the condition of the pre-made salad. Overall, I still recommend that Sizzler goes away from the pre-made.
  • Self-made Iceberg Salad – olives, raisins, carrots, creamy italian: I like me some iceberg lettuce. I don’t care what anyone says!
  • Chocolate Mousse: You just can’t go wrong with chocolate mousse from Sizzler.
  • Cookies n Cream Mousse: This seems to be a consistently good food item at the Sizzler salad bar
  • Jello: Yep, another decent batch of Jello
  • Ambrosia: Check

    Buena Park Sizzler - Steak and Potato

    Buena Park Sizzler – Steak and Potato

The Bad

  • Taco: Eh. Meat was kinda bland and cold. Guacamole was good but the meat just took away from it all.
  • 6 oz. Steak: Eh. I remember it being better. Wasn’t really cooked to order (asked for medium and was more like medium rare)
  • Softserve: Ice cream cone was broken and just a mess. Actual softserve was ok but they didn’t have gummy bears and didn’t have a wide variety of toppings. So it took away from the softserve experience.
  • Dessert Offerings: It was basically just softserve. They did have bread pudding but it was right next to the dino nuggest, so I don’t really count it as dessert! They also had the softserve toppings right next to the hot food bar.
  • Size of Restaurant: It was probably the smallest Sizzler I’ve been in. So if you have a large party, this isn’t the location for you. They also didn’t have a banquet room. So no corporate affairs here.
  • Bathrooms: I’ll explain the issues I had with the Bathroom below

    Sizzler Buena Park Bathroom

    Sizzler Buena Park Bathroom

The Bathroom

  • two co-ed, single use bathrooms
  • WTF?? This is an all-you-can eat buffet. They’re just asking for disaster by having single use co-ed bathrooms. You poor ladies!


Overall Thoughts of Buena Park Sizzler (in haiku form)

Some food good, some bad
Overall it was a draw
On to the next one


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