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San Bernardino Sizzler Review – Located at 1800 S Waterman


2 / 5 stars      

Cost: $11.99
Meal: 6oz Steak and all you can eat salad bar
Overall Impression: All Glitz, No Glamour

Address: see below

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The Good

  • Price: The 60z steak and all you can eat salad bar was a dollar cheaper than any other Sizzler I’ve been to so far. If I can save a buck, you definitely get bonus points
  • Ambiance: It had a newer look and feel. TVs and fancy lights. You can go wrong with Honey Boo Boo on the tube while you’re grubbin on cheese toast.
  • Strawberry Short Cake: I’ve never seen this dessert at a Sizzler before…and it was tasty! I love me some diabetes.
  • Baked Potato: Not bad. It was a tasty tater.
  • Mac n’ Cheese: I had 3 helpings. ’nuff said.
  • Self-made Nachos (chips, cheese sauce and guacamole: nummy num num! Can’t go wrong with chips and cheese…unless they’re moldy (yuck).
  • Chicken Soup: I was surprised. It was pretty good. Just like grandma used to make (if she made chicken soup).
  • Roasted Pepper: Not all Sizzler restaurants have these. And when they do, the quality can vary. In San Berdoo, they know how to roast a pepper!
  • Ambrosia Salad: Tasty. I mean it is the food of the gods after all (but it can taste like the butt of the gods).
  • Soft Serve: They had both chocolate and vanilla. I don’t hate. I like both!

The Bad

  • More Tables than Booths: I prefer a nice, romantic Sizzler booth to a table. What’s Sizzler without a little romance??
  • Steak: Bland. Bland, bland, bland, bland.
  • Lack of Food Labels: Most Sizzler restaurants have all food items at the salad bar labeled so you know what you’re eating. This Sizzler didn’t have many. I thought I was eating a meat ball. Turns out it was a crouton (not really, but it could happen).
  • Cheese Toast: Again, just not the same. It’s like trying to find a McDonalds that still has the fried apple pies (instead of those damn baked ones).
  • Cheese Toast Served w/ Meal (not before): I prefer my cheese toast to act as my appetizer. And usually the toast comes before the meals. In San Bernardino, they serve it with the meal. Bad form.
  • Taco w/ pork carnitas: chewy, like chewbacca
  • Gummie Bears: You guessed it. They don’t hang in the S.B. I guess
  • No Jello: Come on!!! No Jello????
  • Hot Bar and Dessert Bar intermixed: Seriously!! They had soft serve toppings right next to chicken wings which were right next to strawberry short cake. You can’t cross the streams like that!

The Bathroom

  • Separate Men’s and Women’s restrooms (this is important because believe it or not, this isn’t as common as you may think…and hope)
  • In Men’s room: 2 urinals, 1 stall
  • Smelled like an outhouse




San Bernardino
Cheapest price, but blandest steak
How I yearn for more






Sizzler San Bernardino
1800 S Waterman Ave
San Bernardino,California92408
(909) 381-4020


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