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Los Al Sizzler Review – 10471 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA ‎


2.5 / 5 stars      


Month Reviewed:  Thursday in June, 2013

Time Visited: 8pm

Entrée Selected: 6oz steak (medium rare) with baked potato and all-you-can-eat salad bar

Price (without tax): $13.99

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Sizzler Los Alamitos, Exterior

Sizzler Los Alamitos, Exterior

First Impression: This Sizzler seemed blingy (i.e. newer) It had a fancier sign out side  than others I’ve been to (it was backlit!) but it also seemed uncessarily blingy. It also seemed more modern on this inside. Either this Sizzler had a remodel a few years back or is a new location. It was also quite clean.

Staff: he staff was not that friendly, but they were not mean. They were basically zombies…zombies, feeding off the flesh of iceberg lettuce, jello and popcorn shrimp.

Clientele: There were more children at this location, but they weren’t wild (I’m not the biggest fan of children, especially while I’m eating…or flying). There were also a few recent high school grads (still in cap and gown) who had been dragged to this Sizzler for a post-graduation celebration (lucky them).

Wait Time: Total time it took to walk in, order and sit down: approx. 5 minutes. Time it took to get my food from the moment I walked in, 10 minutes.


Sizzler Los Alamitos Cheese Toast

Sizzler Los Alamitos Cheese Toast



  • Baked Potato (came with entrée): Good! didn’t taste old or grungy, as potatoes can be. Fixins’ were nice and sloppy, just how I like em (please don’t read too much into this comment. if you did, you’re disgusting!).
  • Taco w/ ground beef, cheese and guacamole: This was a great taco…so good I went back for another! Shell was fresh, cheese didn’t taste processed and guacamole was pretty good! and the meat…muy bueno!
  • Self-made Iceberg lettuce w/ onions and carrots : Everything was fresh and crisp. I felt like a happy rabbit!
  • Fruit: The fruit was excellent! Tasted very fresh and delicious
  • Cheese toast: It wasn’t the absolute best Sizzler cheese toast I’ve had, but it was pretty good…good enough to get seconds (such a fat ass I am!)
  • AMBROSIA: This Sizzler gets extra points for even having ambrosia. Not all Sizzlers do (for some ungodly reason). If you want to have a
    Sizzler Los Alamitos Wet Naps

    Sizzler Los Alamitos Wet Naps

    saladbar fit for the gods, you need the ambrosia!

  • Jello: Good (if ever I find a Sizzler with bad Jello, I’m calling the health department)
  • Cottage Cheese: nice consistency (what else is there to say about cottage cheese?)
  • Onion Rings: Nice and thick (hey! keep your mind out of the gutter!)
  • Cookies and Cream Mousse: Very good!
  • Pineapple Sauce (for desserts): You don’t always see this, so it was a nice surprise
  • WET NAPS: They provided Sizzler wet naps at the end of your meal! I’ve never been given these!
Sizzler Los Alamitos Steak and Potato

Sizzler Los Alamitos Steak and Potato


  • 6oz Steak (the entrée): It was kinda chewy and not as tasty as other Sizzler steaks I’ve had (and I’ve had a bunch!)
  • NOTE: they don’t have the 8oz steak with the all-you-can-eat salad bar included. You only have the 6oz option. Other Sizzlers offer both options.
  • Pre-made Cesar Salad: Limp and soggy (what did I tell you about keeping your mind out of the gutter???)
  • Potato Wedges: not that warm and just bland.
  • Broccoli Cheese Soup: I’ve had much better. Wasn’t that cheesy…and I needs my cheese
  • Banana Pudding w/ Nila Waffers: Eh. pretty bland.
  • Strawberry and Banana thing: I do not know what this is called, but it’s basically a dessert. It was too gelatinous
  • Softserve (swirl): It was somewhat watery.
  • NO GUMMY BEARS: This will always be a BAD in my book. And yes I know putting gummy bears in softserv just makes them hard, but I don’t care. I need me some gummy bears when I’m at Sizzler. In fact, the overall toppings they had was disappointing.
Sizzler Los Alamitos Bathroom

Sizzler Los Alamitos Bathroom


  • Clean, but small: for a place that has an all-you-can-eat buffet, you think they’d have a bigger bathroom.
  • 1 urinal
  • 1 stall
  • Fully stocked: plenty of tp, soap and ass gaskets




  • Order the steak, but take it home for the dog. Focus on the taco bar
  • If you’re a vegetarian and you’re dragged to Sizzler, just have your inconsiderate friend load you up with fruit from the salad bar
  • The wet naps are a rarity and can be used for your hands or other body parts (depending on which part of you gets dirtiest from the buffet)
  • Don’t take your kids to Sizzler for their graduation dinner (they’ll end up taking you there for your retirement party or put you straight into a home).


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