Sizzler Thanksgiving 2019 Menu / Dinner Details

2019 Sizzler Thanksgiving Details are Here!

SPECIAL: Celebrate this Thanksgiving at Sizzler! Enjoy a cornucopia of cuisine:

  1. roasted turkey with stuffing
  2. green beans
  3. mashed potatoes and gravy
  4. baked sweet potato with maple butter
  5. cranberry sauce
  6. a slice of pumpkin pie

NOTE: please contact your local Sizzler to confirm if they are open and offering a Thanksgiving menu)!

Is Sizzler Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Answer: YES, YES, YES! But be sure to check with your local Sizzler location to make sure they are participating.

Celebrate Christmas at Sizzler:  Find Sizzler Locations Open Christmas.

sizzler thanksgiving 2019-official

sizzler thanksgiving 2019